This plugin provides vehicles management for automobile clubs, you can manage:

  • vehicles (owner, several informations, photo, etc),
  • vehicle history modification (owner, color, …),
  • brands,
  • models,
  • transmission types,
  • body types,
  • colors,
  • finitions,
  • states.

This plugin has been initially developed in collaboration with Anatole from Club 404, and François from club Fiat 500. A big thanks to them for their precious help during plugin development :)


First of all, download the plugin:

Get latest Auto plugin! Get Auto plugin nightly build!

Extract the downloaded archive in Galette plugins directory. For example, under linux (replacing {url} and {version} with correct values):

$ cd /var/www/html/galette/plugins
$ wget {url}
$ tar xjvf galette-plugin-auto-{version}.tar.bz2

Database initialisation

In order to work, this plugin requires several tables in the database. See Galette plugins management interface.

And this is finished; Auto plugin is installed :)

There is no particular setup required, you can just enter data in the database.

Configure required fields

When adding a new vehicle in database, there are several fields that are required, but that may not fit your needs. In such case, you can define your own required fields: just create a file in your Galette config directory and declare an array of the fields you want to require. As example, if you just want to require name and model for a car, you will need:

return array(
     'name'  => 1,
     'model' => 1