Third party plugins community

A Github organisation name galette-community has been created. Its goal is to centralize plugins that are not developed by Galette team, to provide them a source code repository, a ticket management system, a website, … And possibly get punctual help from Galette team.


For a plugin to be accepted, it must fit some prerequisites:

  • be a Galette plugin,

  • be licensed under a license compatible with Galette (GPLv3 or compatible) and respect it,

  • be compatible with a “decent” Galette version.

Plugins should (this is a strong recommandation, not an obligation) be localized and respect Galette coding conventions.

Join community

Github organization system does not allow to request inclusion, you will have to contact Galette team from mailing lists, giving them your Github account name. An invitation will then be send to you.

Add a plugin

Once the invitation has been accepted, you will get right to create a repository for your plugin.

If your plugin does not yet exist, just create it. If it already exist on github, you can transfer ownership to the organization from your existing repository settings.


A website ala Github can be added to your project. Concretely, configuration and contents will be stored in a specific branch of the repository name gh-pages that will only be used for the website.

The goal is to have a certain consistency on all third party plugins website. Galette team may help you for the initial setup of the website; contents and updates are in charge of the author.