Galette sources

All Galette sources are stored in their own Git repository hosted by Tuxfamily (big thanks to them!). A Galette organization is also available on github, in which all repositories are mirrored.

All GIT repositories follow the adopted development model, therefore you will find two branches on each repository:

  • master: this is always the latest stable release,
  • develop: the development version, may be unstable.
Project Tuxfamily Github
Galette core
Auto plugin
Events plugin
Paypal plugin
Objectslend plugin
Maps plugin

To clone one repository, use the following along with your Tuxfamily credentials:

$ git clone ssh://

Or as anonymous user:

$ git clone git://

The galette directory will then contain a working copy of Galette’s source code.

Third party librarires

Galette’s third party dependencies are not included in the repository. Instead, PHP dependencies are handled with Composer dependency manager and Javascript ones with Node Package Manager (npm) and gulpjs.

Once composer is installed on your workstation, just go in Galette directory (where you will find composer.json and composer.lock files) and run composer:

$ cd galette/galette
$ composer install -o

Нове в версії 0.9.4.

To get Javascript dependencies up and running, go to the main directory (where you will find package.json and package-lock.json files), and run following commands:

$ cd galette
$ npm install
$ npm run-script gulp

The first command will install all javascript dependencies into the node_modules directory; while the second one will merge, minify (among others) and then copy all javascript and CSS files to a directory the web server can read.


With this workflow, changes done on Galette CSS or JS files won’t be visible until you run gulp again. To avoid this, you can use the watch gulp task; which will look for modifed files on disk and automatically rebuild when changed:

$ npm run-script gulp watch